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IMG_4353I am a writer and phughespdx.com is where I share my discoveries and thoughts. I write about the connection economy, art and artists, sports, technology, current happenings and entrepreneurial endeavors. In short phughespdx.com is where I graffiti the internet with my interests and experiences living in Portland Oregon and come in contact with in a time of unmatched connectivity.

We live in a transformational time. It’s possible that civilization as a whole is always living in transformational times. What seems unique about this moment is the sharing of information is instantaneous. It brings people together. In all corners of the web there are stories shared that had otherwise gone unheard.

Talent that in other times was written off as unproductive or unnecessary can now be profitable or worthwhile. One’s art or craft can be shared with the confidence that there is an audience. Whatever you want to geek about you can do so knowing that you are not alone. That is why this site exists, because it can.

For one reason or another you arrived at this site. I hope your visit is pleasant and you are better for it. If you are interested in contracting with me for writing assignments you can contact me here.

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Patrick Hughes

Writer, Landscape Designer, Artist